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Our services

Incro, S.A. specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater (cooling and lubricant emulsions, wasted active baths, rinsing and flushing water, saline water, etc.) and offers its clients comprehensive solutions.

We make our technology available to a whole range of different sectors, including the automotive, chemical and agri-food industries, among others, with a series of treatment and evaporation equipment designed to meet the needs of each individual client. In addition, Incro Water facilities are based on proprietary technologies that can be complemented with third-party equipment to address the most demanding requirements.

Sales Department

We study each individual case and provide the right solution, conducting the relevant laboratory and pilot tests.

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Laboratory tests
  • Pilot unit tests
  • Rental of treatment plants
  • Improvement of old treatment plants, both our own and other brands

Projects Department

We design, build, assemble and start up  your wastewater treatment facility.

  • Customized plant design (process, equipment, 3D implementation, instrumentation and controls)
  • In-house manufacture of equipment (MVC or ADT evaporators)
  • Supply of market equipment (filters, pumping stations, reverse osmosis, demineralization, softening, descaling, ultraviolet, steam or hot water boilers, heat recovery units for cogeneration engines, etc.)
  • Packaging and worldwide transport
  • Mechanical and electrical installation at the client’s factory
  • Start-up of the facility and training of technical personnel for operation and maintenance

After-Sales Service Department

We answer any queries about the operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment, as well as we provide chemicals and spare parts.

  • Resolution of telephone queries about operation and maintenance matters
  • Supervision of the operation, either remotely or in person
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance provided in person by specialist technicians
  • Supply of spare parts and equipment (we have two warehouses holding stocks of the main components in Spain and Germany)
  • Supply of the appropriate chemical products for our evaporators (cleaning agents, lubricating oil, antifoam, antifouling and anticorrosive agents, pH correctors, etc.)
  • Training of technical personnel

R&D Department

We develop improvements to the products and services of different areas in collaboration with clients and suppliers. We also develop new technologies to expand our range of environmental solutions.

  • Optimization of our own plants and those of other brands
  • Studies of new applications of our products
  • Studies of pre-treatments and post-treatments to our products
  • Studies of new technologies for wastewater treatments
  • Collaborations with universities, technology centres and research organizations

Financial and Administration Department

We offer different financing and payment options to suit the resources of our clients.

  • Project financing: renting, leasing, etc.
  • Management of billing, payments, bank guarantees, letters of credit, etc.