3 versions:
Up to 125 l/h
Up to 150 l/h
Up to 175 l/h


∼ 2150 x 1295 x 2200 mm

Power consumption

∼ 65 – 70 kWh/m3

* Figures based on the treatment of wastewater.

Penguins are a species of flightless seabirds found in the Southern hemisphere. They have adapted extremely well to life at sea and to cold and sometimes exceptionally cold regions: they are mainly found in the open sea and only return to their nests with the arrival of spring.

They are highly sociable and their colonies can number up to five million. They drink seawater, excreting excess salt through glands located above the eyes, and they are one of the few species of animals to walk upright on two legs.

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