2 versions:
Up to 1.250 l/h
Up to 1.500 l/h


∼ 4760 x 1900 x 3050 mm

Power consumption

∼ 50 – 55 kWh/m3

* Figures based on the treatment of wastewater.

Narwhals are one of the oldest species on the planet and have no teeth but rather a single tusk outside the mouth. They measure 4-5 metres long and can weigh up to one tonne. They can dive as deep as 500 metres for up to 15 minutes. They communicate, like beluga whales, by ‘singing’.

The tusk is usually the left canine of the upper jaw and coils helically in an anti-clockwise direction until it reaches three metres in length and weighs 8-10 kilos. It is a sensory organ: it contains 10 million nerve endings with which, one assumes, the narwhals measure temperature, pressure, the salt concentration of the sea, and the presence of prey.

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