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Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions

Incro Water offers integrated solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater with its Zero Liquid Discharge option designed for each individual client.

The core technology can be found in our Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC) and Atmospheric Dehydration Technology (ADT) evaporators.

MVC obtains high quality water for reuse, while ADT is particularly suitable for cases where it is unnecessary to recover the evaporated water.

As a complement to our evaporators, Incro can supply its own or third-party equipment for pre- or post-treatment.

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  • Single tanks, sloping bottom tanks, multi-chamber tanks, decanters.
  • Oil separators by flotation, skimmer, band or coalescence.
  • Mesh, basket, band or press filters.
  • Water conditioners by reverse osmosis, softening, demineralization, or ultraviolet.
  • Deodorizers by condensation or active carbon.
  • Heat recovery units.
  • Crystallizers, thickeners, dehydrators.
  • Sludge stabilizers.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Chemical gas scrubbers.
If you want to reuse purified water...
MVC technology
If you don’t need to recover water...
ADT technology

Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC)

This is a zero liquid discharge wastewater treatment technology by distillation with a vapor compressor as the only electromechanical equipment. It only uses electricity and offers the maximum energy efficiency.

This wastewater treatment guarantees a high quality, reusable distillate, thus promoting the circular water economy. Our patented multi-chamber cyclone achieves the highest levels of distillate quality and extends the life of the compressor.

Contaminants are confined in a much smaller concentrate than the incoming effluent.

All the models are automated with a PLC, a touch screen and a remote control as standard.

Standard manufacture is in AISI 316L stainless steel (or similar), and for strong corrosive liquids in AISI 904L stainless steel (or similar).

How doest it work?

It is an evaporative process whereby the latent heat of steam condensation is used to evaporate the wastewater.

It is particularly recommended for the recovery of high quality water. We have numerous references in the treatment of wastewater such as Surface Treatment and Metalworking industries.

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– Metal Processing Industry (Automotive, Aerospace)
– Paint Industry (wet paints, powder coatings, KTL)
– Chemical Industry
– Surface Treatments
– Waste Management
– Recycling Industry
– Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries
– Industrial Cleaning
– Jewellery Industry


The Steam Purification System removes the droplets from the steam to increase the quality of the distillate and extend the useful life of the compressor.


The Compressor is the only driving force in our wastewater treatment plants.

Energy consumption: 40-70 kWh/m3 (3-6% of latent heat evaporation and condensation)


Our distillate is high quality water. In most cases, it can be reused in the client’s production processes.

To make the system more efficient, the distillate pre-heats the effluent.


The concentrate contains the pollutants from your wastewater.

We guarantee the minimum concentrate generation, maintaining the maximum capacity of the treatment with the lowest energy consumption on the market. We achieve this through the optimal design and combination of all the components in the system.


In the Evapo-Condenser, the wastewater is evaporated to generate the distillate.

The energy from the steam condensation is recovered and transferred to the effluent for evaporation.

The design of the Evapo-Condenser ensures nominal evaporation capacity for almost any effluent. It should be stressed that the evaporation capacity of our equipment is based on the treatment of wastewater, not the evaporation of fresh water.



  • Surface treatments
  • Waste management
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Landfill sites
  • Fine and bulk chemicals
  • Metalworking
  • Biofuels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Other

  • Cooling and lubricant emulsions
  • Leachates
  • Brines
  • Wasted active baths
  • Rinsing water
  • Crack detection fluids
  • Demoulding water
  • Cleaning water
  • Process wastewater
  • Other


Up to 100 l/h


Up to 150 l/h


Up to 250 l/h


Up to 400 l/h


Up to 700 l/h


Up to 1000 l/h


Up to 1500 l/h


Up to 2500 l/h


Up to 3500 l/h


Up to 4500 l/h

Atmospheric Dehydration Technology (ADT)

This is a wastewater treatment technology with zero liquid discharge based on evaporation by a forced air current at atmospheric pressure. It can recover residual energy from cogeneration engines, biogas boilers, or exothermic processes.

Contaminants are confined in a much smaller concentrate than the original discharge.

All models are automated with a PLC, touch screen and remote control as standard.



  • USW, HW and NHIW landfills
  • Fertilizers and explosives
  • Fine and bulk chemicals
  • Food
  • Livestock and fish farms
  • Alcohol production
  • Oil mills
  • Other

  • Leachates
  • Reverse osmosis concentrates
  • Brines
  • Manure
  • Vegetable processing
  • Winery
  • Cleaning water
  • Other

If there is no waste heat available...

EM system

If there is waste heat available...

EMC system

EMCL system