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Orcas trapped in the ice

By 8 March 2024No Comments

In early February, news came from Japan that several orcas had become trapped in the ice. A group of ten to fifteen orcas, with several calves, were found about one kilometre off the coast of Rausu in northern Japan. A fisherman raised the alert and it was possible to see with a drone that they were having difficults to breath. The thickness of the ice meant that no boat could get close enough to help them. In the end, the tenacity and struggle of the group of orcas, and favourable temperatures that allowed some thawing, allowed them to be released without problems:

Incro was already familiar with the orcas’ tenacity and teamwork. Our Mechanical Vapour Compression evaporator, model ORCA, is capable of treating 3500 l/h and, like the group that overcame the difficulties in northern Japan, our evaporators are comfortable with the complications. Our ORCAs, some of which have also sailed the seas to reach their final destinations, are capable of treating a wide variety of wastewaters, achieving zero liquid discharge and enabling them to improve the ecosystem where their cetacean relatives live.