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INCRO Test plant

By 12 February 2024No Comments

Incro has atest plant, type CAIMÁN, to carry out pilot tests so that customers can check in situ and with one of our machines, how their wastewater will behave in the industrial plant.

These tests allow, in addition to a first contact of the customer with our evaporators and their operation, to obtain very valuable information about the type of water to be treated for the design of the future plant.

This step, the pilot test, is especially important when there is no previous experience with the water to be treated or when it comes from a new sector to us. It also allows the client to have distillate, to be able to analyse it and assess its possible reuse in the process, and concentrate, to estimate its treatment cost.

The pilot plant is currently located in Spain, where the latest tests have been carried out with water from the pharmaceutical industry, with wastewater managers of different origins, surface treatment water, etc. Although it can be sent to different countries

Our pilot plants are periodically renewed and are therefore available for sale. This is a very interesting option for our customers, as they are practically new plants, with very few hours of use, and with very favourable sales conditions.

If you would like to request an offer or make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.