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Incro technology in the surface finishing industry sector

By 1 July 2022No Comments

Energy and water are scarce and expensive resources. Due to this, it is urgent to find a solution for the water management in the surface finishing industry sector within the framework of the Circular Economy, and with the lowest energy consumption.

SDINOX, specialized company in the final cleaning of stainless steel and which generates acidic water in its stainless steel degreasing, pickling, electropolishing and passivation processes, has installed a Zero Discharge system that allows to recover more than 90% of the water consumed in its process.

The selected system consists of an Incro Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) evaporator. The chosen model is a CAIMÁN that allows treating 100 l/h and recovering between 90 and 95% of that volume, depending on the degree of original contamination, as quality water that is reused in their rinses. The small volume of concentrate obtained, where all pollutants are retained, is sent to an authorized manager.

In the following link you can read complete news published on SDINOX website:

The article has also been published in AIAS association journal.