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About Incro Water

Our activities

Incro Water is the environmental division of Incro, S.A. We are an engineering company, experts on  high-tech equipment manufacturing for industrial wastewater treatment. Our well-known expertise in evaporation technologies has been shared with our many clients around the world.

Our team of highly-skilled professionals work to find zero liquid discharge solutions with the maximum energy efficiency in numerous industrial fields. The continuous optimization of our Mechanical Vapor Compression and Atmospheric Dehydration evaporators enables us to meet the most exacting challenges.

In addition to these activities, Incro, S.A. has a Fertilizer and Explosives Division that has been licensing and transferring its technology since 1975.

Our History

Incro, S.A. was founded in 1975 by INTECSA, one of the biggest Spanish engineering companies (part of Grupo Dragados) with extensive experience and the capacity to develop international projects, and S.A. CROS, the leading Spanish manufacturer of fertilizers, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Incro, S.A. was established with the mission of becoming the world’s leading technology licensor in the fertilizer industry. Our environmental approach to treating gaseous emissions and wastewater has since been implemented in hundreds of plants in the sector. With the aim of applying our knowledge in other industrial disciplines, in 1999 we created the Environmental Projects Department, which gave rise to the inception of Incro Water.

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Incro’s industrial vocation stems from the background of its parent company, CROS, which was founded in 1817 by Francisco Cros when he set up his first chemical plant in Barcelona.

In 1989, CROS merged with ERT (Explosivos Río Tinto) to create Ercros, Spain’s largest chemicals company. Incro, S.A. was thus included in the fertilizer subsidiary which was later named Fertiberia. Six years later, in 1995, Grupo Villar Mir, an industrial group with Spanish capital and extensive diversification in the construction, chemicals, metallurgy, energy, environmental and services sectors, acquired Fertiberia.

Our environmental compromise with treating gaseous emissions and wastewater has since been implemented in hundreds of plants in the fertilizer sector. In 1999 the Environmental Projects Department was created with the aim of applying our knowledge in other industrial fields. This was the seed of Incro Water, which develops its own patents and incorporates those of other companies to design and build industrial wastewater treatment plants and, to a lesser extent, plants for treating gaseous emissions and sludge stabilization.

The acquisition in 2002 of Grupo Dragados by Grupo ACS led to our shareholder Intecsa joining the industrial division of this conglomerate.

In 2020, the venture capital firm Triton incorporated Grupo Fertiberia in its investment portfolio. This venture capital fund manages 42 international companies with more than 82,000 employees in sectors such as industry, retail and health.

In 2022 Vinci Group adquired the industrial buiness of ACS. Today,  through our shareholder Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial, we are part of Vinci, a world leader in concessions, construction and energy, active in nearly 120 countries.

Incro Water achievements


We supplied the first evaporator in Spain in a sector other than the fertilizer industry.


The internationalization of our evaporators began with a distributor in Portugal. The first Incro Water evaporator reached Asia (Indonesia) in 2003, Oceania (Australia) in 2004, and the Americas in 2007 (Mexico).


Mechanical Vapor Compression evaporators (MVC) were introduced to our product portfolio. Four years later, in 2013, we started manufacturing improved MVCs under the Incro patent.


We won the award for Most Innovative Company in Spain from Cambio Financiero magazine.


The EMC system of our Atmospheric Dehydration Technology (ADT) won the 3iPET competition organized by the Ministry of the Environment of the People’s Republic of China as one of the world’s best environmental protection techniques.


Thanks to the strong presence of Incro Water in the German industrial market, we set up the subsidiary Incro S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland.


We started marketing selective treatment technology for MoMo pollutants (Molecular Modification).


We acquired the patent for producing ferrous phosphate from waste (Carbolita), and we continue to seek the most effective solutions to meet our client’s quality requirements.

Our Philosophy


We are passionate about the world of water.

Our vision for industry is to reach a point where it neither consumes nor discharges water, but simply uses recycled water. Moreover, with no treatment costs.

We want to transform wastewater into a raw material. To upgrade effluents and take advantage of residual and alternative energies. Consequently, we develop and incorporate technologies that facilitate the recovery of high quality water from discharges with the maximum energy efficiency.

We aspire to lead the Circular Water and Energy Economy sector through innovation in association with our clients and suppliers. Our resources are channelled towards this future challenge.

Our goal: to achieve excellence and the satisfaction of our clients.

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